Brutally Murdered Tongaat Boy:Full Video Moments before he finally died



With the country still struggling and frantically fighting the covid19 global pandemic, in a small town in the the KZN province….it’s been a completely different story with citizens taking the law into their hands ushering public justice to some rogue tavern owner and his team, amid the brutal assault of a 16 year old subsequently his disappearance, all because of allegations of alcohol theft.

Sadly, seems as like the bitter liquor now commands more value than human.

It is alleged that the young man, in the company of some unknown and unnamed accomplices teamed up to pay a visit to some local tavern and help themselves out, quenching their thirst and subsequently stealing some cash in the process. However, luck was not on their side as they were ambushed by the tavern owner and his “boys” before they could accomplish their mission. Unfortunately, for one of the now disappeared boy, he couldn’t escape resulting in his capture and severe assault, torture.

In the long clip video, the boy is seen lying on the dirty floor smeared with blood and some broken pieces of sticks and sjamboks, with lot’s of water poured all over his body and blood dropping through his lips…… and one eye a little bit deformed, or rather completely shattered.

A few seconds later, a rough sounding young man is heard in the background hurling insults at the boy…. And even kicking him despite the boy’s body looks lifeless!

The man in the background is seen shoving the boy with his foot and forcing the boy to sit up, of which the boy does so… before he immediately cries out and falls to his death… So sad.

The perpetrator makes a diabolically devilish laugh, before shouting out”Udhakilwe Bobo! ”

Please watch the video at your own discretion, as it contains very serious graphics…. You can watch the video by copy and pasting the following link into your browser..

Please share the video so that other can also see how evil the community we now living in is……

Source:OPERA News


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