‘Let’s start bottling it nicely’: Malema says SA should market traditional medicine


Julius Malema sitting on a stage
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The leader of the Red Berets has expanded about the science of traditional medicine, as well as its marketing, on his Twitter account.

This follows after the World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised Madagascar to do clinical testing for its alleged COVID-19 “cure herb” product.

“We are advising the government of Madagascar to take this product through a clinical trial and we are prepared to collaborate with them,” said WHO regional director Matshidiso Moeti.

Juju had the following to say about the scientific benefits of traditional medicine:

“Traditional medicine can be proven scientifically that it can heal. How do you prove them scientifically? Africans healed one another before the arrival of western medicine. They’ve made us scared about traditional medicine and I would like to challenge them

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‘Fancy packaging’, Panado and Magonatshote
“Let’s start bottling it nicely because the only thing that we buy from these people is their fancy packaging”.

The name of the herb to which Malema is referring, is known as Umhlonyana in isiZulu, Lengana in Sesotho, and Artemisia in English.

“We must start to put our medicine on shelves, if you need Panado, you must get Panado, but if you need Magonatshote, you must get Magonatshote. Let’s have options…we must not be told that the only thing that heals headache is Panado,” Malema insists.

According to Malema, Africans are scientists by nature.

“When a woman is pregnant, Africans don’t need a pregnancy test, Grannies can look at your face and tell if you’re pregnant. They also know how to deliver babies without having to use any clinical equipment.”

East London court case postponed
On Friday 8 May, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) said the case of Malema and his co-accused Adriaan Snyman will be postponed to 16 July.

The NPA said in a statement that the matter will be postponed due to Level 4 lockdown regulations which prohibit inter-provincial travelling except for essential services.

The two accused face five charges in relation to Malema’s alleged discharging of a rifle at Mdantsane in 2018 as the EFF was celebrating its fifth birthday anniversary.

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