South Africans Hopeful After Dr Zweli Mkhize Speaks About Madagascar Cure



Health Minister, Dr Zweli Mkhize says South African scientists would be able to assist with Madagascar herb research.


“We received a call from the government of Madagascar, who asked for help with scientific research.Our scientists would be able to assist with this research.We will only get involved in a scientific analysis of the herb. We are not at that point yet,” says Mkhize.

Responding to Mkhize’s statement, many South Africans are of the opinion that there’s no need for research, the fact that Madagascar is using the herb and they are able to control the spread of Covid-19 is proof enough.

Omund_2 Surely we must have the liberty to decide for ourselves if we want to take the herbs or not. So why is it not imported?Madagascar has zero Covid-19 deaths. They are definitely doing something right.

@Concern8274 “We are not at that point yet” what are factors stopping you from getting to that point,waiting for an instruction from the real owners of the land or more deaths, is a herb for heaven sake,if not poisonous and expensive to import,why not.

@Beny_who If the government doesn’t want to get the herb for us. Our people will find ways to get that herb. You are just delaying it but someway somehow they’ll get their hands on that herb. People are dying and Madagascar has a solution but you are telling people to not panic??



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