See Prophet TB Joshua Warning to a Government as he Returns from the Mountain


Pioneer of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua has concurred with the Federal Government on the lockdown unwinding saying it may have prompted misery and self destruction.

This is coming days after he was apparently sobbing and fasting, looking for the essence of God on a peak to end the Coronavirus scourge.

TB Joshua who depicted the lockdown request as a malevolent soul, said what the legislature is attempting to shield individuals from (COVID-19) isn’t as perilous as it is said to be.

The priest gave a solid admonition that persistent lockdown is an abhorrent soul that can prompt gloom, lethargy and self destruction.

He said the legislature has prevailing with regards to putting the soul of dread, habit and the soul of brutality in the individuals.

“Our legislature doesn’t have a clue about that lockdown is a soul, an insidious soul – soul of lethargy, soul of misery, soul of self destruction,” he said during a live Sunday love.

“The individuals who once encircle themselves with individuals wind up encompassed uniquely by four void dividers. This can cause despondency and self-destructive musings.

“The individuals who never remained on a spot are presently restricted to one spot. Our legislature doesn’t have the foggiest idea about this. They think they are shielding us from the soul of COVID19 yet what is COVID19 in contrast with the repercussion?

“Our legislature, our pioneers, our leaders, you are doing useful for the world yet what you are attempting to shield us from isn’t as perilous as what you are placing us into.

“That soul that has entered your life – soul of dread, soul of dependence, soul of brutality – be thrown out! Be thrown out! For the sake of Jesus! ”

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