Here are 4 reasons why you should stay indoors on May, even though there have been an ease on the lockdown



No matter how happy we might be to go out, there are some very important things to look at before going out on the May, as a cure to this virus has not yet been found.

Listed below are the reasons why you should stay indoors on May.

1. if you know you can not manage to buy gloves, protective masks and sanitizers,do not go out because your chances of contracting the virus are high. You can reduce the chances of getting infected with the virus if you were the right outfit.

2. If you have elderly parents and relatives around you, it would be wise for you to stay at home, because you can easily transfer the virus to them , because aged people have low immunity, and are more vulnerable to death from the virus.

3. No positive improvement on the number of victims or patients that has recovered from the corona virus has been noted Rather the number of infected people keeps on increasing, hence going out will only expose you to the virus and you end up being infected.

4. Lastly, If you do not provide essential services, and you can work from home, it would be wise if you remain at home where you will be safe . Going out without a proper cause will only put yourself at risk of contracting the virus, doing you more harm than good. If you have been feeling or noticing some symptoms of the virus, please be self isolate yourself, do not go outside and make sure you contact the NCDC.

Most importantly please always remember to wash your hands and keep your environments clean



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