Government Officials Stealing From The Poor As Food Parcels Are Being Diverted


In Mpumalanga, the deputy speaker of mpumalanga province legislature Vusi Mkhatshwa was caught yesterday offloading food parcels brought by Department of Social Development at his home in Barberton.

In a video that went viral on Twitter, a very concerned citizen was heard narrating as the disgusting deeds unfold.

“Food parcels are being delivered at Vusi Mkhatshwa’s house, it is very clear, there’s a truck, there are EPWP people (Off loading), these people are out of order,” said the concerned resident.

“They are taking food that is made for people for themselves and their comrades. I’m here live at Extension 9 in Barberton, ward 44. There’s a truck offloading food meant for the people, and it is not his people, it is EPWP people, it is clear.

“These are food parcels for the poor, at Vusi Mkhatshwa’s house, the Deputy Speak ler of the province. We’re reporting live,” he said on the video.

“number plates, everything is visible, here’s the evidence, I hope honorable Sidibe will deal with this one decisively,” said the informant on the video.

Here is the link to the video:

Elsewhere, food parcels were being offloaded from the truck to the traffic officer’s car, an act which left residents shocked and with many questions



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